Advances in engineering technology have given common CNC machining centers deep hole drilling (gun-drilling) ability up to a certain depth-diameter ratio. Deep hole drilling is a specialist machining operation that requires a specialised engineering company and PRV checks all the right boxes.

What is Deep Hole Drilling?

Putting it plainly, deep hole drilling means machining holes deeper than ten times the hole diameter. The holes that can be controlled within very tight tolerances achieving greater accuracy than conventional drilling methods. It’s used when high precision round bores are crucial for high-performance end products. Common applications include oil and gas exploration equipment, aerospace equipment, armaments and engines.

The three basic types of deep hole drilling can be categorised as follows:

1.      Gun drilling

The cutting tool is a fluted solid rod with a bored hole in the center where the coolant is injected through a hole in the middle. From there it flows back outside, through the flute and brings the chips with it.

2.      Single Tube System (BTA / STS)

This is only for holes with a diameter of over 15.6 mm as the tubes have a minimum size. Coolant is pumped in around the outside of the cutting tool and pushes the chips out through the center tube.

3.      Ejector System

Ejector Systems are the only acceptable technology for holes over 18.4 mm in diameter. The cutting tool is a tube within another tube where the coolant flows through the smaller one and onto the cutting face. From here the coolant and chips flow back through the larger tube.

Why PRV Engineering is the first choice for Deep Hole Drilling

PRV Engineering is one of the top suppliers of precision engineering services in Europe. It was not achieved overnight as we’re heavily invested in acquiring and training highly skilled staff along with investing in a cutting-edge plant and machinery. In fact, we had to obtain ten deep hole drilling machines to keep up with client demand.

We also have all the necessary ancillary equipment to provide a thoroughly comprehensive service. To obtain the tightest tolerances throughout the manufacturing process, we also invested in state of the art calibration equipment.

Since inception, deep hole drilling has become more than just making holes. It also gets machined from start to finish, heat-treated and plated. We offer an extensive range of Gun Drills, Ejector Drills and Counter Boring Heads. This allows for a number of capabilities, technical assistance and on-site drilling services.

According to Simon Jones, Managing Director at PRV, “We boast years of Deep Hole Drilling experience and have worked closely with a wide range of customers. Our staff are knowledgeable and possess the skills to deliver high levels of accuracy in terms of hole position, diametrical tolerance, surface finish and straightness.”

The thing that really makes PRV Engineering stand out is our commitment to quality and service. As well as investing in best machinery, we’ve pioneered our ethics and ideals toward the attainment of excellence which is what our clients value most.

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