Deep hole drilling (DHD) is a stress measurement technique used in engineering materials and components to measure locked-in and applied stresses. The process measures residual stresses at a microscopic level with penetration of over 750 millimeters (30 in), without destroying the original component.

Advances in engineering technology have given common CNC machining centres gun drilling ability up to a certain depth-diameter ratio. Roundness and surface finish are among considerations. Common applications of deep hole drilling and machining processes include oil and gas exploration equipment, aerospace equipment, armaments and engines.

Types of Deep Hole Drilling

There are three basic types of deep hole drilling categorised by how the cutting coolant flushes heat and chips from the surface.

  1. Gun drilling

The cutting tool is a fluted solid rod with a bored hole in the center where the coolant is injected through a hole in the middle. From there it flows back outside, through the flute and brings the chips with it.

  1. Single Tube System (BTA / STS)

This is only for holes with a diameter of over 15.6 mm as the tubes have a minimum sizes. Coolant is pumped in around the outside of the cutting tool and pushes the chips out through the center tube.

  1. Ejector System

This is only an acceptable technology for holes over 18.4 mm in diameter. The cutting tool is a tube within another tube where the coolant flows through the smaller one and onto the cutting face. From here the coolant and chips flow back through the larger tube.

How PRV can help you with Deep Hole Drilling

We have years of Deep Hole Drilling experience working with a wide range of customers showing unrivaled workmanship and unmatched prices. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff deliver only the highest levels of accuracy for Deep Hole Drilling. This is essential in terms of hole position, diametrical tolerance, surface finish and straightness.

Deep hole drilling is offered as a stand-alone service or a complete manufacturing package which provides component processes for the required stage. Using our 10 deep hole drilling machines and related equipment, we have developed a full range of supporting processes. Our extensive range of Gun Drills, Ejector Drills and Counter Boring Heads allow for a number of capabilities, technical assistance and on-site drilling services.

Non-cylindrical components

  • Holes from 4mm to 320mm diameter in any position
  • Up to 2200mm centres depending on height and overhang

Cylindrical components

  • Holes from 4mm up to 320mm in diameter
  • Up to 6000mm in length
  • Site drilling services

At PRV Engineering  we manage all your Deep Hole Drilling and engineering requirements and deliver a “complete, customised service”. It’s simple; ‘One Answer, Many Solutions.’

Our expertise covers a range of industries including automotive, rail, aerospace, defense and construction. If you have any questions about deep hole drilling or the equipment required, please post a comment below or contact us via the website.

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