I’m sure you’ll agree that the development of Computer Numeric Control or CNC Machining has revolutionised the manufacturing industry.Whether it is a small manufacturing unit or a large global company, CNC machines find applications in almost all types of industries (even at home with DIY Machinists).  That’s because when it comes to producing complex parts in metal, or any other material, these computer controlled machine tools are ideal because of their high levels of accuracy, precision and speed.However the main advantage of CNC machining are the reduced production costs across the entire manufacturing process.

So let’s take a look at the various industries where CNC machining is used:

Metal Removal Applications – CNC machines are extensively used in industries where metal removal is required.  The machines remove excess metal from raw materials to create complex parts.  A good example of this would be the automotive industries where gears, shafts and other complex parts are carved from the raw material. CNC machines are also used in the manufacturing industries for producing rectangular, square, rounded and even threaded jobs.  All processes, such as milling, grinding, turning, boring, reaming, etc, can be controlled and carried out by these CNC machines using specific machine tools for each task.

Metal Fabrication Industry – Many industries require thin plates for different purposes.  These industries use CNC machines for a number of machining operations such as plasma or flame cutting, laser cutting, shearing, forming and welding to create these plates.  CNC plasma or laser cutters are used for shaping metal, while CNC turret presses are used for operations like punching holes. Other operations like bending metal plates can also be carried out with very high precision using CNC press brakes.

Electrical Discharge Machining Applications – Electrical Discharge Machines, or EDMs as they are also known, remove metal from the raw material by producing sparks that burn away the excess metal. EDM machining through CNC automation is carried out in two different ways; first through Wire EDM and second through Vertical EDM. CNC automated Wire EDM is used to punch and then die combinations for creating die sets used in the fabrication industry. CNC automated Vertical EDM requires an electrode in the same size and shape as the cavity that needs to be carved out.

Besides these industries, CNC machines also find use in the wood working industries for various operations like drilling and routing.If you are looking for reliable and effective CNC machining services your search ends here. As one of the leading engineering services based in the UK, PRV Engineering Ltd provides state-of-the-art CNC machining technology for a wide range of industries, from food and chemical processing companies, the pharmaceutical industry,the railway industry as well as the automotive and aircraft industries.

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