Metal fabrication is used to create various components and products with different qualities for numerous applications. In fact, metal fabrication services have been the primary choice for builders, engineers, contractors and structural steel fabricators around the world. It is undoubtedly a specialist process that requires expertly trained staff, advanced equipment, quality workmanship and finishing.

If you are looking for a reputable metal fabrication company for your next project, you should know how to narrow down the list. Here are a few of the major factors you need to consider when choosing a metal fabricator. Choose wisely and it could be the best investment for your project. The right company could help save on costs while providing exceptional finishing and quality.

Metal Fabrication Industry Experience

In addition to knowing how long the fabrication company has been in business, you should also find out the types of projects they have successfully completed. Some fabricators only specialise in certain types of metals, processes or projects of a specific size. For that reason, industry experience with previous projects similar to yours is of the utmost importance.

At PRV Engineering, we manufacture products in all materials from the most basic mild steels to the more exotic. Some of these include Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and Titanium. We can undertake fabrication up to 10 tonnes in single weight capacity for various applications while manufacturing simple and complex products to prototype testing and development.

Qualified And Experienced Workforce

The size and experience of the metal fabricator’s workforce is another essential factor to consider. If they are too small, they may not be able to complete your project on time. Additionally, if they lack the necessary experience, you could run the risk of an unsuccessful or poor quality project. Ideally, you need a workforce comprised of many highly skilled individuals across all areas of the metal fabrication process.

Workmanship And Previous Projects

It is important to find out which certifications and awards the company has. At the same time, you should identify the measures they have in place to ensure quality workmanship for every project. Regardless of the metal fabricator you choose, they must be aware of (and implement) quality standards to deliver quality work surpassing all inspection levels.

At PRV Engineering, we are fully committed to providing products and services in accordance with our Quality accreditations, namely:

Among other sectors, we provide a High-Quality Service to the Construction Industry with a comprehensive portfolio. In addition to our own factory extension, other projects include the Gloucester Royal Hospital and Horfield Leisure Centre.

Equipment And Facilities

Metal fabrication companies that have invested heavily in machinery and equipment are likely to have all the latest technologies available. This is not only indicative of their ongoing commitment but it also shows that they can improve the efficiency and quality of your project. Depending on the actual size of your project, some companies may not be adequately equipped for the challenge. It’s best that you evaluate their facilities to make sure that they can successfully manage your project.

PRV Engineering has developed an extensive fabrication department, capable of producing products and services from the very small to the larger products. This applies to Steel Fabrication, Metal Fabrication and Aluminium Fabrication among others. We specialise in manufacturing the following:

  • machinery guarding
  • conveyor systems
  • materials handling equipment
  • access platforms and ladders
  • architectural balustrades and balconies in both stainless steel and mild steel

Top Quality Finishing

Developing your project is only the beginning as you need a fabricator that offers shot blasting, powder coating, painting and finishing. Finishing a custom fabrication job properly and professionally is as important as the rest of the manufacturing process.

While many companies do subcontract, just be careful that they don’t outsource most of the work as quality may be affected. A company that can handle your project from start to finish will save you time and money while ensuring the highest possible quality.

Learn more with PRV Engineering: ‘Shot Blasting, Surface Preparation And Specialist Coatings

Credibility And Dependability

There is no law against asking the metal fabricator for references from other people they have worked with. Spend some time online researching the company and look for customer reviews or testimonials. These are often found on their website, social media, Google My Business or other sources like chat forums. To that end, here are a few PRV Engineering testimonials from people we have successfully helped.

Simon will take on jobs that other contractors would not. His can-do attitude and willingness to take on challenging projects is a credit to his skills.

Stephen Anthoney, Oil & Gas Industry

Good Location

Next on the list is finding out where they are located and which areas they can service. See what other types of customers they have serviced in the past and in which areas. It’s not uncommon that a facility near you will help save on shipping but a more established company may offer better value overall. This often depends on whether the fabricator has better facilities and staff while showing experience across all areas from production, prototyping, fabrication and finishing to transporting.

PRV Engineering is located in Pontypool, South Wales in a well-equipped 38,000 sq. ft. facility. Our multi-disciplined ‘One Stop Shop’ attitude enables us to provide a complex and diverse range of products and services. We can satisfy all of our customers’ requirements from a single source while they only have to interact with one company.

Financial Stability

Another vital step in the process is asking the fabricator about their financial situation to determine their level of stability. It may seem intrusive but you have the right to know who you are investing time and money into. After all, if your final product is not up to standard, someone has to be held accountable.

Find out whether they have a good relationship with their steel vendors. This is a dead giveaway in terms of whether they pay on time and that they can source materials quickly. Fabricators with good financial sense are also likely to follow best practices throughout all areas of the company.

Metal Fabrication Pricing

It’s common to receive multiple quotes from several fabricators within your area but don’t let the total amount be the deciding factor. Just as the cheapest option is not always the best, the same applies to the most expensive. Do your due diligence and make sure that their pricing is in line with others in the market while reflecting their quality and skill level.

Lastly, make sure that the entire process is outlined and represented in the estimate. This way you can be sure that there are no hidden clauses or costs upon completion of your project. If you need a quote for a metal fabrication project, please contact us on 01495 769697 or through the website.


A metal fabrication company can only be successful with high-quality machinery coupled with expert knowledge, experience and continuous investment. It’s not only about investing in equipment but also staff training and hiring the right people for the right job. In order to provide the quality and service excellence customers deserve, equipment and staff must be of the highest level.

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