Parents have not always viewed the idea of their child taking up an apprenticeship, as a viable career choice. However, with Britain trapped in a double dip recession and parents becoming increasingly concerned about the future of their offspring, there has been a shift in emphasis.

According to new research, almost a third of parents who were previously against apprenticeships, have now changed their views. The research, commissioned by BAE Systems and the Royal Academy of Engineering and carried out by YouGov, involved a study of over 2,000 parents of children aged 11-18.
The results showed a positive shift in attitudes with no fewer than 29% of those surveyed, reporting that having turned up their nose at similar programmes, five years ago, they now view apprenticeships as a viable option for their children.

The facts

– 42% said their perception of apprenticeships had changed positively in the last year.

– Over two thirds (67%) were pleased that apprenticeships are now presented as an attractive option for young people.

– Close to half (43%) agreed that an apprenticeship is the smart way to get an education leading to a good job.

– More than a quarter (26%) concurred that an apprenticeship is more useful than a university degree in view of the on-the-job training provided.

Sir Richard Olver FREng, Chairman at BAE Systems added: “It is fantastic to see that the huge amount of work put into promoting the value and image of apprenticeships over the last few years is now making a real impact. We need to encourage more organisations throughout the UK to offer apprenticeships – our own experience at BAE Systems has demonstrated their value to our young people and our business.”

What is an apprenticeship?
Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience.

Who is eligible for an apprenticeship?
Anyone living in England, over 16 years old and not in full-time education can apply to be an apprentice.

What are you entitled to?
All apprentices must receive the appropriate national minimum wage (£2.68 for under 19 and first year apprentices, £5.03 for 19 and 20 year olds and £6.31 for those aged 21 and over).

Working hours?
All apprentices should work for at least 30 hours a week, apart from in exceptional circumstances

A real qualification
All Apprenticeships must be at least 12 months long and lead to a national qualification that is respected by employers around the world.

A real future
After finishing, the majority of apprentices (85%) will stay in employment, with two-thirds (64%) staying with the same employer.

If you have any thoughts on apprenticeships or if you are considering an apprenticeship, why not let us know. Maybe we could help or simply point you in the right direction.

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