Busbars vary greatly and can be very complicated pieces of kit.  They can be made of aluminium or copper and are tubular, flat or solid in design.  There are different busbars to handle different levels of voltage, specifically extra high, high, medium and low voltage, plus there can be a multitude of other variations involved in their construction.

A great deal of busbars are manufactured to cover a multitude of disciplines and you’ll find quite a few engineering companies that are happy to create those.  Who isn’t interested in manufacturing a product with high volume demands?

But what if you need a custom one-off busbar for your electrical power distribution needs?  What then?

There are companies that are passionate about working with their customers to create these bespoke items, and PRV Engineering is such a company.  Not only are we able to produce common high volume products but we work alongside our customers every day to create custom busbars and the tooling required to make them as required. Our customers don’t have to deal with several companies if they have a myriad of busbar needs – they can just come to us.  In addition we can cover a company’s Conductors, Copper Contacts and Connection needs as well. Just some of the reasons we are a one stop shop for many of our clients.

The companies we work with manufacturer medium and high voltage distribution and transit switchgear or they might be independent engineering contractors specialising in the maintenance, installation and testing of low, high and extra high voltage electrical plants and equipment.

Now you have a clear idea about why Busbars from PRV Engineering offer quality and value for money why not see what our MD Simon Jones has to say about our manufacturing capability and ethos.

Don’t forget you can find out much more about PRV Engineering and the services we offer at our website and on our new dedicated Youtube channel.

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