Think of structural steel framed buildings and the sort of things that come to mind are probably, office sky scraper buildings or big warehouses and agricultural buildings. The sorts of thing you see in big cities or on the outskirts when new out of town shopping malls go up. But steel framed structures are commonly used across a whole range of construction projects; garages, residential housing and short term temporary structures all make good use of steel frame construction methods because they are durable, flexible, cost effective and sustainable.

Durable and Versatile
Steel can be moulded into virtually any shape and needs little maintenance. It can withstand the strongest wind and weather conditions and can be adapted and added to easily. In addition applications of fire retardants and weather resistant treatments can be applied during the framework fabrication rather than on site. When it comes to residential structures, the days of being restricted by the old building parameters are gone. Steel girders and beams have become key parts of contemporary design, often assisting in the complementary blending of the old with the new.

Build Flexibility
Not only can you build more quickly with steel, but there is more flexibility and control in the build process. When it comes to building with steel frame structures it is possible to add, alter or even remove sections without having to alter the whole building. As a steel framed building is likely to be lighter than traditional concrete counterparts, there is more flexibility around depth and formation of foundations and footings. Modular buildings can even be dismantled and re-erected without losing their asset value.

Cost effective
There are all sorts of reasons why using a structural steel framed building is more cost effective than more traditional methods and can result in major project savings. Construction time is much quicker and, more controlled off site fabrication results in improved components. Pre-fabricated components can halve the frame construction time.

Steel not only lasts a long time but it can be recycled at the end of its lifespan. It can be recycled and re-used repeatedly without any degradation. When used alongside other enhancements steel framed buildings can be very energy efficient.

All these advantages are attainable providing you use a suitably qualified and experienced contractor and they use the right quality materials.

PRV Engineering are experienced in structural steelwork, architectural steelwork and groundworks. We offer a complete service from the design and structural details to the manufacture and installation along with all ground works, amenities and electrical Installations. Materials are manufactured and CE marked to BSEN 1090 – Ex3

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