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Luxury boating comes in many forms but few are as impressive as this. Iguana Yachts has built some of the most spectacular amphibious yachts and boats in the world. They’ve been at it since 2008 specialising in the design and manufacturing of next-generation boats. At their main facilities and shipyards in the west of France, in Normandy, they make dreams come true with sleek, modern vessels relying on patented technology.

Next Generation Amphibious Yacht

Iguana has announced the Day Limo as the latest addition to their exclusive line-up. Based on the stunning design of the previous model, the 30-foot (9.2-m), 7-seater Commuter, Iguana Yachts has certainly outdone themselves with this next generation amphibious yacht.

This 12-passenger amphibious limousine-type shuttle can transport people over land and sea or between superyachts. The fully retractable two-sided clamshell canopy provides passengers with protection during inclement weather and thrilling open-air rides in better conditions.

Thanks to their patented retractable tread technology, these amphibious yachts can masterfully negotiate nearly any terrain. While you probably shouldn’t drive it on the motorway, it is perfectly suited to handle rocky, muddy or sandy coastlines on the way to the water.

Exploring The Day Limo Amphibious Yacht

While the Day Limo also measures 30 ft, same as the Commuter, it accommodates an extra five passengers. They were able to achieve this by using a vis-a-vis sofa layout instead of individual front-facing seats. Behind each sofa is an overhead canopy that provides partial coverage. It can also be extended to meet in the middle for full protection as mentioned earlier.

The protective canopy provides cover from overhead precipitation and water splashes and sprays coming over the sides. As far as luxury transport goes, the Day Limo seems the perfect solution to ferry guests to and from a party, wedding or any formal event on a superyacht. It will impress even the harshest critic as this amphibious yacht will keep them dry, safe and comfortable during the ride.

Features And Specifications

According to Iguana Yachts, the Day Limo can be powered by either diesel, gas or electric engines with a power output of between 300 and 600 hp. On land, the amphibious yacht is capable of doing 4.3 mph (7 km/h) while water speed is a respectable 40 knots (74 km/h).

Another massive advantage of the fully retractable canopy system is that it drops the minimum boat height down to 5.7 feet (1.75 m). This makes the Day Limo ideal for storage even in compact superyacht garages.

The super impressive amphibious yacht also has storage drawers under the sofas for shoes and smaller belongings. There is also a foredeck luggage area that can hold up to six large suitcases while a console drinks refrigerator keeps beverages chilled.

What Does The Day Limo Cost?

Iguana Yachts has not yet released a price for the Day Limo but considering it’s the only boat stating “price on request”, the price range could be anywhere between €231,000 and €598,000. It may seem a little excessive but you get a lot of bang for your buck and it’s not like we’re talking about a dinghy or small fishing boat. This is a luxury amphibious yacht designed to transport guests to and from luxurious destinations while offering complete versatility.

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Final Thoughts

In closing, this amphibious yacht protects guests from the swell and boat wash synonymous with many docks and beaches. It acts as a luxury guest transfer, an enclosed water-going limousine and dayboat capable of offering water sports. It has four dedicated boarding points which make it easily and safely accessible for guests of all ages and abilities.

Visit Iguana Yacht’s website for more information on their extensive range of luxury amphibious yachts and keep an eye on future updates and live photos. To whet your appetite even further, here’s a short video showing how a different Iguana yacht seamlessly completing a full trip from the driveway to the open-water for foil-boarding.

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