During a time when there seems to be a war waged against engineers through the United Kingdom, there are signs of good tidings coming in the future. While the requirements and opportunities for engineering certifications and programs are changing and being severely limited, the National Apprenticeship Service has announced that it will be working with the Baker Dearing Educational Trust to help bring apprenticeships in University Technical Colleges.

With more potential opportunities for young people to explore and learn about engineering, this will open a wealth of possibilities for not only these young, ambitious students, but also for the industries that rely on their experience, education, and creative energies. Aston University Engineering Academy will become the test pilot for this program and their focus on 14 to 19 year old students.

What This May Mean for the Future During Uncertain Times

The engineering profession that has been under assault lately due to a gross undervaluation of not only its service provided to many industries but also due to a misconception of the qualities that apprentices have as well as the education efficiency of these programs. The recent moves to limit the educational classification of these programs turned a bright light on an industry that has flown considerably beneath the radar of society.

With so many innovative engineers filing through the ranks over the years in programs that helped them capitalize on their strengths rather than attempting to highlight their weaknesses, these recent changes have left numerous students in a world of limbo, feeling abandoned by the officials who are entrusted with securing them the rights and opportunities to pursue their dreams.

With this announcement, more light is being filtered back into the industry’s future. A program such as this will be not simply an educational process for students but also a form of employment and training. This is where engineers-in-the-making gain the greatest value from their education and the experience that separates the world of engineering from many other industries.

As the world embraces the future of technology and the ever-growing demands to become innovative with technology, not only to meet the needs of society and the environmental causes, it is critical that we not turn a naïve mind to those who will become the engineering leaders of tomorrow. It is crucial that we place the proper value on the field of engineering so that we can produce the innovation designs and revolutions that help shape a brighter and stronger future for the world.

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