5 Axis Machining – CNC Engineering at its Most Exacting by PRV Engineering

5 Axis machining is the one of the most advanced components of Computer Numerical Control, (or CNC for short as it is more popularly known in the engineering world), metal engineering. CNC machining has been around now for several decades. It heralded the arrival of pre-programmed automation on a scale of accuracy hitherto unknown. Hardly surprising then that PRV Engineering, one of the engineering industry’s top exponents of top quality engineering services, should be at the forefront of this technology; not only here in the UK, but across mainland Europe too.

As engineering technology progressed, it was only a matter of time before machining in all available planes became a possibility. Having computerised control that allows the pre-programming of very complicated operations in all five axis, has now been taken to the ultimate level with some stunning 5 axis machinery coming onto the market – none better that PRV Engineering’s travelling vertical column machinery centre, the Mazak VTC800/30SR.

When PRV Engineering added this piece of equipment to their plant list, it heralded their ability to offer highly accurate, complex, precision 5 axis machining to the list of services that they supply to the engineering world.

Having trained, knowledgeable staff is of course key to being able to program machines like The Mazak, to get the very best out of the equipment. But as PRV Engineering are right at the cutting edge of supplying precision engineering services, investment in the right calibre of staff, and their ongoing training has always been the cornerstone of their success; as indeed has their willingness to invest in the new breed of intelligent machines such as the Mazak VTC800/340SR.

The Mazak has a rotary table that facilitates multi surface machining, and the fact that the B axis is available within plus or minus 110 degrees, allows multi angled surface machining all from one, single set-up. With a speed of 18,000 rpm, the 35kW spindle is designed to carry out a broad range of operations. The machine’s ability to perform multiple tool changes in 4.7 seconds, (tip to tip), gives it such versatility. It really is a wonderful piece of kit.

The 5 axis machining capability that PRV Engineering offers covers a diverse size range of components, thanks to the “machining envelope” of the VTC800. With a traverse of up to 3000mm in the “x” axis, 800mm in the “y” axis, and 720mm in the “z” axis, machining large components is not a problem.

In order to be able to correctly detail the programming in a 5 axis machining set-up, programmers use a technology known as 3D edge modelling. This sort of modelling basically allows the programmer to build up a virtual model by specifying from a number of individual elements which, when assembled correctly, go to represent the whole finished “assembled” component.

5 axis machining is the engineering industry’s pièce de résistance; it really is the icing on the engineering cake, and through the cutting edge technology of their Mazak VTC800/340SR, PRV Engineering are now justifiably proud to offer this indispensible service to its demanding clientele.

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