NASA’s Supersonic Jet Without The Boom

supersonic jet

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Aviation and aerospace technology has been at the forefront since the Concorde but now, there’s this. A supersonic jet that could travel at 1513 km/h (940 mph) considerably shortening commercial flight times. NASA has signed a deal with Lockheed Martin to develop a supersonic “X-plane” that could break the sound barrier but with one major difference – no sonic boom. Continue reading

Boom Supersonic Passenger Aircraft Unveiled

Boom supersonic passenger aircraftSince the withdrawal of Concorde, there has been little news of any supersonic flight service to replace it. In fact development in supersonic passenger aircraft appeared to have stalled with cost and economic viability seeming to be one of the reasons. Concorde, despite being a beautiful aircraft was, after all, a flight service used only by the wealthier in society. But that could be set to change with the unveiling of the Boom supersonic passenger aircraft.

The Boom supersonic passenger aircraft is promising flights from London to New York in 3.5 hours with a return ticket price of $5000 – a similar price to the cost of a current business class flight. Whilst for many of us, this may still be unaffordable, when the flight time is more than halved, it’s a cost many businesses will be more than happy to pay.

The aircraft will have just 40 – 50 seats and the technological and material advancements since Concorde, mean that aircraft can be produced and maintained more cost effectively and those savings can be passed on through the lower ticket price. Continue reading

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