5 benefits of 5 Axis machining

5 axis machining infographic headerWith any business, investing in the latest technology is a necessary requirement to compete effectively.

The engineering industry is constantly on the move with the latest developments making life so much easier – both for the manufacturer and of course, the client.

The introduction of 5 Axis machining within the industry has not only worked in terms of cutting down costs, but also producing greater quality in quick-fire time.

Here at PRV Engineering we have invested heavily over the past 18 months.

Part of the overall investment has been the addition to our plant list of a Vertical Travelling Column Machining Centre, with full 5 Axis Synchronous Milling ability and a Large Machining Envelope. Continue reading

Quality is the Number 1 Prerequisite says PRV Engineering

Quality is the Number 1 Prerequisite says PRV Engineering

Quality is the number 1 prerequisite when you drill down to the roots of success. So says Simon Jones, owner and director of PRV Engineering Ltd, one of the fastest growing success stories in the engineering machining services sector in recent years.

The reason that PRV maintain that quality is the number 1 prerequisite, is that it underpins everything else. It doesn’t matter how quickly you can get the job done. Nor does it matter that the price is the cheapest available. If the product, or the service that you supply as a manufacturing and installation engineering services provider does not meet the specification, or the client’s expectations, the other commercial factors are irrelevant. Who better than PRV to know? Continue reading

The Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, the production and even design of nearly every product that companies use throughout the world moves at high speed. During the 20th century, most companies considered manufacturing as being an ‘all or nothing approach.’ In other words, creating new products (manufacturing) was a complicated process that required the proper designs and ultimately the right moulds that would be used in their manufacture. It was often too costly to create moulds and products for anything less than large orders.

Today, the global population has moved beyond seven billion and even though there are more people than ever, there is also a growing need for products to be manufactured on a smaller scale. We are PRV Engineering are often called upon to create these small scale or even jobs where we manufacture one off parts. Continue reading

What Do Customers Say About PRV Engineering?

For our latest post we thought it would be good for you to hear what customers think about the services we offer at PRV Engineering.

What better way to do this than to watch a short video where one of our own customers explains why they keep coming back to PRV Engineering time after time.  Visit our dedicated YouTube Channel to view more videos about us and what we do for our customers.

Next week we will be beginning a series of articles about the future of engineering and some of the new technologies we are investing in.

What do you look for in an Engineering Services supplier?  Let us know in the comments below.

CNC Machining: Industrial Applications

I’m sure you’ll agree that the development of Computer Numeric Control or CNC Machining has revolutionised the manufacturing industry.Whether it is a small manufacturing unit or a large global company, CNC machines find applications in almost all types of industries (even at home with DIY Machinists).  That’s because when it comes to producing complex parts in metal, or any other material, these computer controlled machine tools are ideal because of their high levels of accuracy, precision and speed.However the main advantage of CNC machining are the reduced production costs across the entire manufacturing process.

Continue reading