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Medical Technology

Medical Technology – The future is now

The world we live in changes every single day. Whether it’s a new breakthrough medical technology, advances in energy storage or space travel. Our future is becoming harder to predict. I mean, who knows where we will be at the end of 2017? What treatments or life altering medicines will be available to us in only a few short months?

Many of the breakthroughs we have today weren’t available 5 years ago; some weren’t even around last year. Scientists, researchers and doctors are working tirelessly to find new ways to treat different diseases, conditions or ailments. Some of the new medical advances will certainly improve your life but others might even save you. Continue reading

Prosthesis connects directly to bone, nerves and muscles

prosthesisBack in February we were talking about the developments in pharmaceutical engineering which allowed the production of the A-Gear robotic arm. The device was the work of a team of people from 4 universities and was the first prototype of a device that allowed independent operation of the arms for Duchenne muscular dystrophy sufferers. Better mechanics and thinner, more flexible materials allow the wearer to use the supports discreetly underneath clothes and without stigma.

Last month news of further research in the area of pharmaceuticals and prosthesis development hit the headlines with a report on a new prosthesis. One that has been connected directly to bone, nerves and muscles, allowing the patient to have free mobility of the limb. Continue reading

Engineering the Medical Advances

medical advances hip jointThere are increasing numbers of stories and innovative ways in which 3D printing is being used in the medical profession. From component parts of prosthetic limbs to facial reconstructions, there are regular news stories highlighting just how ground breaking some of these developments are.

While these stories are fascinating and uplifting, we don’t hear too often about all the success and changes to people’s lives that more common procedures bring. Hip and knee replacements have become so common now that we tend to forget just how life changing these operations are for people. We also forget the engineering that went in to the design and development of these medical advances and artificial systems originally and the continued development into improvements that goes on today. Continue reading

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