The Advantages of Using Copper to Manufacture Busbars

For many years, copper has been used in the manufacturing of busbars, yet not everyone truly understands the reasons behind this. There are other conductive materials that are more efficient when it comes to conducting electricity, so why rely on copper? In a time when copper prices are climbing higher every month, it would appear to be wiser to perhaps choose a different conductive material for busbars.

Why Continue to use Copper?

Perhaps the first and most important reason why copper is used in the manufacture of busbars is because it is resistant to oxidation. This means that no matter what level of moisture in the atmosphere or the kind of weather that is experienced, copper will not break down or oxidize. Continue reading

Copper Thefts and Their Affect on the UK’s Railroads

As the economy throughout the world, and in Great Britain began to sink at the latter part of the last decade, copper thefts were on the rise. There is a direct and measurable correlation between a poor economy and copper thefts, which is tied together through a complex equation of supply and demand. While homeowners and businesses have faced the prospect of having pipes and electrical wiring stolen from their vacant properties, it has moved into more occupied space, as well as other industries. Continue reading

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