Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years with the pandemic throwing a big wrench in the works. However, we are a resilient species and have shown how much is possible through sheer determination, unity, smart innovation and engineering.

As a leading provider of precision engineering services, we continuously bring you the latest news and updates from around the world. We aim to keep all of our readers informed covering interesting topics from engineering and manufacturing to new technologies, defence updates and future combat vehicles.

For those who know PRV Engineering, we publish new content every week and believe that you can’t grow unless you learn something new. With Christmas behind us and the New Year fast approaching, here’s a look at some of the top stories from our blog this year.

Engineering The Ultimate Unmanned Combat Vehicle

Image Source: Defence Blog

Unmanned combat vehicles are not a new concept but the technology has come a long way in a few short years. The latest project from Estonia-based Milrem Robotics and Belgium’s John Cockerill Defense is a true reflection of how far we’ve come and what the future of unmanned warfare could look like.

Milrem’s Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle is modular in design and equipped with the Cockerill turret. The platform was built specifically for unmanned armoured vehicles under 12 tonnes destined for rapid deployment.

The latest addition to this impressive piece of engineering is the Combat Vehicle Protected Weapons Station Generation II (CPWS II) turret. It can be used in several ways including support conventional mechanised military units and deployed by parachute or heavy-load helicopter.


Proven Cost-Saving Tips For Manufacturers

manufacturing companies

Manufacturers, like any business, also need to make a profit and grow their business. However, the secret to success is to cut costs without compromising on quality or product safety. If you consider the importance of some components, getting this right is absolutely essential.

A better bottom line is one thing but you always have to keep quality in mind at all times and ensure the highest possible standards. In this compelling article, we share several proven ways your business can limit spending without impacting quality.


Busting The Myths On Waterjet Cutting

waterjet cutting
Machine for cutting stone: Waterjet High Pressure

Over and above the countless benefits of waterjet cutting machines, they can cut through nearly any material. This includes glass and metal, composite materials and stones which other cutters mostly struggle with, especially when it comes to precision and superior results. Even with these proven benefits, there are surprisingly some misconceptions about the process which we decided to bust once and for all.

Truth is, hydro-abrasive waterjet cutting has evolved remarkably and is one of the most effective machining methods today. Check out this article as we bust 8 of the biggest myths and share some insights into the type of services available at our cutting edge engineering facility.


Outsourcing Engineering Services In The Aerospace Sector


Manufacturers within industries like aerospace and defence must produce all components reliably, on time and to extremely accurate specifications. This is necessary to ensure safety and high standards of production throughout the entire manufacturing process. Aerospace engineering companies work hard to meet these stringent requirements as aircraft must be produced as fast as possible while meeting all the specifications and needs of their customers.

Whilst some precision engineering companies, like PRV, is a true one-stop-shop, many cannot handle everything on their own. Outsourcing parts of a project is standard practice but it’s important to choose reputable companies as that will result in achieving consistently high quality across the entire production chain. Considering the importance of accuracy in design and engineering in the aerospace sector, all parts have to be traceable.


Deep Hole Drilling In The UK

A wide range of industries relies on gun drilling (deep hole drilling) as it offers exceptional benefits across several sectors and for different applications. It’s a specialist machining operation that creates holes deeper than ten times the hole’s diameter. These holes can be controlled within very tight tolerances providing exceptional accuracy compared to conventional drilling methods.

Considering the advanced industries that rely on deep hole drilling, it’s evident that the production of certain parts requires a reliable, time-efficient and accurate process. Some of the more common applications for deep hole drilling is in oil and gas exploration equipment, armaments, aerospace equipment and engines. Here’s what it all entails and why it’s so important when choosing the right engineering company.


How Manufacturers Can Minimise The Impact Of Covid-19


By now we are all well aware that disruptions from Covid-19 are unavoidable but there are certain steps manufacturers can take to minimise the impact. Planning for what has been deemed “the new normal” comes down to being more flexible and resourceful.

Considering the coronavirus is not going away any time soon, its important tap into the knowledge of experienced workers while developing the more vulnerable ones. Companies must look at the latest technologies and establish new protocols to protect frontline employees. What else can you do to ensure long-term success in the face of the current pandemic and any potential future disruptions?


Specialist Services From PRV Engineering

PRV Engineering works closely with several industries including aerospace, defence, oil and energy, construction and rail. We specialise in CNC machining, 5-Axis machining, waterjet cutting, deep hole drilling and structural steel fabrication among others.

Working with basic mild steels to the more exotic Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and Titanium, we cater for one-offs, large batch production and Rapid Prototyping. If you have any questions about our range of products and service, please contact us via the website. You can also find us on TwitterFacebookYouTube or LinkedIn.

From everyone here at PRV Engineering, we wish you all a Happy New Year! Here’s to a happier, healthier and more successful 2021.