The COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to host engineering exhibitions, expos or any in-person events. Fortunately, the worst is behind us and the 2022 Subcon Show was a reminder of just how important subcontract engineering events can be. With more than 4,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors, this remarkable event provides the sector with unmatched face-to-face networking, the latest innovations and some of the best business solutions on the market. As with Subcon Shows in the past, PRV Engineering was exhibiting and had the privilege of meeting many interesting people. Here’s a recap of the show and why it is regarded as one of the best networking events for subcontract engineering and manufacturing.

Subcontract Engineering: The Power of Networking

When it comes to increasing brand recognition and growing a customer base, many subcontract engineering companies understand the tremendous benefits of exhibiting. The Subcon Show was one such event where buyers had the opportunity to meet numerous suppliers under one roof. It allowed them to meet in person and establish which engineering supplier might be best suited for their business.

Few events are as important for the subcontract engineering sector as the Subcon Show as it caters for buyers and visitors of all types and sizes. It is one of the most comprehensive subcontract engineering exhibitions covering many areas, including:

  • precision machining
  • fabrication
  • injection moulding
  • casting
  • profiling
  • machine tools
  • software and services

Boosting Subcontract Engineering at the Subcon Show

As anyone in attendance will attest, the Subcon Show was certainly bolstered by the Engineer Expo and Manufacturing Management Show at the same location. Together, these events provided visitors with high-quality content, case studies, best practices and practical advice to help forge new partnerships and optimise their business strategies.

Some of the speakers at the 2022 Subcon Show included AE Aerospace, BAE Systems, Tharsus Group, Make UK, HP, Manufacturing Technology Centre and PwC among many others. With such a long list of well-known companies and individuals, Subcon remains the premier event for subcontract engineering and manufacturing.

Benefits of Attending Subcontract Engineering Events

If anyone is looking to do business in person and connect with peers, subcontract engineering events like Subcon can help build new partnerships and enhance business operations. This year, the trio of exhibitions at the NEC Birmingham presented visitors with an in-depth look at the manufacturing and subcontract engineering industry. Some of the benefits of attending include

  • sourcing new suppliers
  • remaining competitive in today’s global market
  • discovering the latest in manufacturing technology
  • developing long-lasting manufacturing partnerships
  • reducing costs and lead times
  • evaluating and refining your supply chain

A long-time supporter of Subcon is Simon Jones, CEO of PRV Engineering who said: “We’ve had a stand at every Subcon Show PRV attended and being part of the event has helped us showcase our advancement, new products, equipment and development. An added benefit of attending the show enables me to look for a certain type of customer to add to our portfolio.”

PRV Engineering at the Subcon Show

The Subcon Show is the only event in the UK solely focused on contract and subcontract engineering and manufacturing. PRV Engineering has attended Subcon shows for many years and can speak with authority and from experience. Despite a rocky start on day one, the remaining two days were brilliant, especially with two co-located shows at the Birmingham NEC.

PRV Engineering was delighted to meet many different manufacturers and subcontractors needing services or advice on CNC machining, large format machining, waterjet cutting, deep hole drilling, busbars and powder coating. Not to mention our work in the railway sector which involves manufacturing for track, track laying and maintenance equipment, electrical and other rolling stock products.

Managing Director, Simon Jones attended the 3-day event and said: “The show this year was a bit of a mixed bag with regard to footfall but overall we had some very good enquires from high quality leads that could be very rewarding. It was very good to see the shows return and there were also some other manufacturing shows co-located that look and feel like they could be of great benefit in the future and we are excited to explore those opportunities.”

PRV’s One-Stop Engineering Shop

Our one-stop-shop service is now more in demand than ever and not just for local customers but also for the export market. The areas we specialise in include the following:

  • Food and Chemical manufacturing
  • Railway
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Petrochemical and Gas industry

For more information on the products, services and industries that PRV specialise in, please visit our website. You can also join the conversation on TwitterFacebookYouTube or LinkedIn using the hashtag #PRVtech. If you couldn’t attend the 2022 Subcon Show, find out more about the next event by visiting the Subcon website.