Every week we cover something new or interesting but few are as ambitious as this new skyscraper design in Dubai. This incredible feat of engineering (concept or not) comes courtesy of Turkish architect, Hayri Atak who confirmed that this building would be able to rotate with the wind to generate electricity. Does this mean our reality is slowly catching up with science-fiction or is it a bridge too far?

New Skyscraper Design Concept With A Twist

The skyline of Dubai could get a futuristic look with the ‘Squall Tower’. This science-fiction skyscraper design was inspired by vertical wind turbines with a twist. Unlike conventional skyscrapers resisting the wind, this concept moves with it whilst generating electricity.

The Squall Tower has three ribbon-shaped segments that will spin slowly and at a set speed. These segments will twist around a central axis with several branches connecting everything. The tower will rotate with minimal drag as a result of each ribbon’s cross-section streamlined design.

A single rotation will take place once every 48 hours whether there is wind or not. In the same way rotating restaurants do, this skyscraper design will also provide occupants with a complete 360° view of Dubai as far as the eye can see.

Skyscraper Design Dream Might Become Reality

According to the architects, Hayri Atak, Kaan Kılıçdağ, Büşra Köksal and Kübra Türk, the new skyscraper design will be able to generate electricity regardless of the direction of the wind thanks to its rotation.

The skyscraper design looks out of this world with a helipad at the top and rotating entrances at the bottom. It gives a similar feel to what could easily be a villain’s headquarters from a James Bond film or a scene from Total Recall.

The future of construction has certainly taken a turn in recent years and if this is anything to go by, we’ can’t wait to see what’s next. There’s no confirmation yet whether the Squall Tower will be built but if it is, this new skyscraper design could be one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels.

Interesting Construction Projects From Around The World

The construction industry has seen some incredible examples of ingenuity with several impressive concepts. Some examples include smart buildings and vertical gardens with builders and architects collaborating to break away from the traditional way of doing things.

Construction is evolving right in front of our eyes as more innovative technologies and processes come to the fore. Credit has to go to companies giving people creative design licence which helps encourage forward-thinking.

With that in mind, here are THREE of the most spectacular construction projects from across the world in recent years. And we thought it would be fitting to include this short video showcasing other inspiring skyscraper designs.

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World One, Mumbai India

At over 442 meter high, India’s World One towers received a record for the world’s tallest skyscraper in 2016 spanning 117 stories. This residential complex consists of 300 luxury apartments with interiors designed by Giorgio Armani with a total estimated cost of US$321 million.

Zlotta 44 Luxury Residential Building In Poland

Zlotta 44 is one of the tallest residential buildings in Poland and the EU. This skyscraper design features 52 storeys reaching 192 meters with 287 apartments, a wine cellar, 25-metre swimming pool and a host of other amenities. The world-famous Polish-born architect Daniel Libeskind says his inspiration was to “create a residential building that introduced a new style of urban living to the city.”

Dawang Mountain Resort In China

This may not be a featured skyscraper design but it has to be one of the most interesting construction projects around. Revealed in 2016, the Dawang Mountain Resort Deep Pit Ice and Snow World operates as a 5-star hotel resort and entertainment park. It would include 270 holiday suites, an indoor ski slope and waterpark with a landscape of islands, pathways, gardens, and a 200ft waterfall.

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