Are you considering relocating your business, or thinking about maximising on those high ceilings? Mezzanine floors from PRV Engineering Ltd could be the easiest and most affordable solution whether you want additional storage or bring some innovative design touches to your premises.

By using intermediate or mezzanine floors, you can quickly, cheaply and easily increase the square meterage of floor space at your premises. Find out more about the different applications of mezzanine floors and how it’s done at PRV Engineering.

A mezzanine floor is essentially an intermediate floor ideal for any space with high ceilings. It acts as a raised platform that creates an open second floor lined with balustrades. It does not officially form part of the main structure of a building which means it can be installed separately.

The Versatility And Strength Of Mezzanine Floors

Every mezzanine floor design is a self-supporting steel structure that uses robust columns. There’s no set rule for where they are placed and how many should be used as it depends on the specific site conditions, customer requirements and budget.

Not only are mezzanines sturdy and safe but they’re also lightweight which makes them easier to handle and install. With the right team and equipment, it doesn’t take long at all. You can also customise your mezzanine floors to specific load requirements for added peace of mind knowing everything is stable and safe.

As far as building regulations go, a popular design loading is about 5kn/m2 (500kg/m2). At PRV Engineering, we also take into consideration the amount of allowable deflection or bounce within the design.

Where Are Mezzanine Floors Used?

We believe a mezzanine floor gives you the power to utilise space much better. They can also help add something special or unique to the overall look of your business whilst improving your production potential.

Installing mezzanine floors is one of the most cost-efficient ways to maximise otherwise wasted vertical space and create a great impression for visitors. Mezzanines are commonly used for the following:

  • Retail environments for additional displays
  • More office space or storage within the existing building
  • Single or Multi-level mezzanine floors for expanding warehouse storage capacity
  • Increased productivity in a production facility
  • Multi-tier mezzanines can add several floors to your existing space
  • Extend an existing office space, create training or meeting rooms

mezzanine floors

Different Types Of Mezzanines

Regardless of business type, mezzanine floors offer incredible benefits, some of which we’ve mentioned in the previous section. Here is a breakdown of mezzanines in warehouses or industrial environments, office space and retail.

  • Installing a mezzanine floor in warehouses or any sort of industrial environment with high ceilings allow you to utilise existing space to create more room for stock and operations.
  • Mezzanine floors in the office can also create more space for offices or conference rooms. The style of the design gives people room without feeling cut off from everything or boxed in like office cubicles.
  • In the retail space, mezzanine floors are especially useful for displaying more products whilst benefitting from the same “open” design to enhance the customer’s experience.

The best part is you can also choose different materials, balustrades and staircases to create a mezzanine that reflects the style of your business.

Building Mezzanine Floors To Specification

We don’t leave anything to chance as our team of experts will take time to fully understand your requirements. They work closely with every customer in the development process whilst offering advice to ensure the mezzanine design matches your expectations.

The UK building regulations for mezzanine floors form a crucial part of the initial planning stage. So, we take full responsibility to ensure that the project is designed exactly to the current Mezzanine Floor Building Regulations. That includes quality standards and best practice guidance.

As such, all of our mezzanine floors are designed and built according to the relevant building regulations and also fully CE marked.

Why Choose PRV Engineering?

Our technicians and engineers are fully trained and qualified in all of the latest technology, manufacturing and installation techniques. We have successfully managed projects of all sizes, on time and within budget. Our success comes from prioritising quality, value and service which is evident in the strong reputation within the industry.

Here are just a few reasons why companies in the UK choose PRV Engineering as their mezzanine floor solution provider:

  • Fast and accurate estimates with competitive pricing
  • A true one-stop engineering shop
  • A full-service provider from design and installation
  • Many years of experience building mezzanine floors for companies across various sectors

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