One wouldn’t normally associate electric military vehicles with performance and durability but this off-roader is in a class of its own. Late last year Nikola Corp showcased the world’s most advanced electric UTV and recently, the US marines had a go. Electric military vehicles have never looked this good and fun to drive.

Electric Military Vehicles Fully Loaded

Named after renowned Staff Sergeant Reckless, the all-new Reckless UTV is Nikola’s latest military-grade variant. For those who don’t know, this engineering marvel is a multi-passenger side-by-side EV UTV with astounding performance. Not that 0-100km/h is a requirement for military vehicles but it does it in just over 3 seconds. Such acceleration is possible thanks to 555hp and 4,900 pound-feet of torque with four separate electric motors.

What makes it even more impressive is that performance does not wane even with mounted guns. The unique battery pack provides sufficient energy to power nearly anything, even a command center. Although smaller battery packs are available, this one sports 125 kWh, bigger than any existing passenger electric car.

It also houses an infra-red beam that can be used with night vision and a remote weapons system. The remote weapon station can be equipped with a M240, M2 Browning, Mk19 or Javelin anti-tank missiles. A soldier can operate the weapons with a joystick from anywhere in the vehicle. It’s light enough to go on a MV-22 osprey and could quietly deliver special ops into combat unnoticed.

Automotive Engineering At Its Best

The Reckless UTV military version is based on Nikola NZT battery-electric side-by-side off-roader. Commercially, the Nikola NZT already starts at $28,900 and reaching more than $50,000 for the performance model. Obviously the Reckless UTV military version comes with premium upgrades and could cost around $85,000.

Due to the rough terrain requirements, it features an incredibly smooth and robust suspension system clearly visible in the video below. The 20″ of travel on all four tires means the Reckless UTV can easily navigate nearly any terrain.

Constructed from an ultra-light military grade steel, the roll cage provides added safety and good ride stiffness on- and off-road. The chassis and roll cage are designed to withstand extreme conditions and manoeuvres while safely housing Nikola’s proprietary battery pack. Safety, efficiency and performance have all been taken into consideration and the end result is truly impressive.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on electric military vehicles like the Reckless UTV. With rapidly advancing engineering and manufacturing technology, what will we do next? Why not add some additional protection for the occupants such as bulletproof windows and armour plating?

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