Finding the right custom fabrication services provider for the aerospace sector can be challenging due to various factors. In many instances, a provider of custom fabrication services is chosen based on their ability to provide a low-cost solution. Although cost is a crucial component in the decision-making process, other considerations include the company’s overall capabilities, experience, and quality workmanship. Here, PRV takes a closer look at how aerospace companies can procure a fabrication expert.

Overview: Custom Fabrication Services

When a custom fabrication services provider offers ‘custom metal fabrication‘ it means that it’s either made to be unique or specific to a client’s exacting requirements. This means it can be one piece or large-scale production of up to a few thousand parts.

Different engineering companies address various manufacturing quantities. While some focus on producing larger quantities at a lower price, others concentrate on smaller-scale projects with more customisation options. If you’re a procurement expert seeking a good supplier to collaborate with, it’s vital to start looking into the custom fabrication services that potential suppliers can provide.

How To Find The Best Custom Fabrication Services Provider

Since most aerospace projects require absolute precision, the first step is to find a custom fabrication services provider with skilled workers who can produce the necessary parts based on the customer’s instructions and specific requirements. This is critical to ensure the production of high-quality goods. Here are a few questions to ask when you are looking for a custom fabrication partner.

Do They Have The Necessary Experience For Your Project Needs?

You need to find out whether your project requires an engineering company with extensive experience in your specific industry or if someone from another sector can also do it. In some cases, they may be able to introduce new ideas and bring innovative solutions to the table. While many companies in similar areas may offer a similar range of standard services, some will have unique skill sets and capabilities which are often due to previous customer specifications or problem-solving.

Do They Offer Additional Value?

When assessing a custom fabrication services provider, look at their skills and available resources. Ask yourself the following questions to see if they offer any additional value:

  • Can they help you develop your product successfully?
  • Do they offer anything extra in terms of innovative ideas?
  • Will they help you grow or do they simply reproduce your existing blueprints?
  • Are they financially stable to scale up or down with you?

When you find the right fabrication partner, they should become part of your team and not just another service provider. They should have the ability to support and encourage your growth while handling unique challenges that may come up.

Can They Provide On-site Testing?

The processes involved in custom fabrication services must be carefully scrutinised to guarantee that they are accurate. Look for a company that can do these tests on-site and provide prompt feedback on component precision. This is vital for assessing the quality of their services.

Can They Build A Product From Start To Finish?

While some aerospace projects may have multiple partners, consolidating numerous activities is convenient for boosting delivery, costs, and logistics. Producing a product from start to finish entails creating something from raw materials to final assembly. It’s all about the details as the number of steps you are willing to save, and with which partner, is determined by a deeper understanding of each fabricator’s areas of expertise as well as their level of efficiency.

How To Determine The Efficiency Of A Custom Fabrication Services Provider

The best way to determine the efficiency of a custom fabrication services provider is to conduct a short visit to their facility. Walk around and make a mental note of the following:

  • Does it seem like they have a logical and optimised project management system?
  • Does the facility appear clean and well-organised?
  • How well do they plan work capacity?
  • Is there good communication between the different departments?
  • Is their fabrication team big enough to handle all types of projects?

How Much Consulting And Engineering Experience Do They Have?

A competent fabricator should be a strategic partner who can assist in optimising the manufacturing process for your projects. They should be able to give useful suggestions on component design improvements so it could work better with the finished product.

If the prospective custom fabrication services provider demonstrates signs of moving away from “cookie cutter” techniques, you’re in good hands. Clients frequently ask for manufacturing processes to be optimised over time to improve the efficiency of component production.

A detail-oriented fabricator who is willing to go through the required procedures and has the necessary personnel to achieve those objectives is worth considering.

Check The Credibility Of A Custom Fabrications Services Provider

Don’t be shy to ask the company for references from other people they have worked with in the past. Take time to research the company online and look for customer reviews or testimonials. View their website, social media accounts, Google Business Profiles or other sources such as chat forums.

Custom Fabrications Services At PRV Engineering

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