New Plating Facility – PRV Engineering continue Bold Investment Strategy

PRV_blog_logoThe new plating facility that PRV Engineering now has is yet another example of Simon Jones’ (Chief Exec of PRV) determination to offer the company’s clients the most comprehensive service through continuous investment into new areas.

The Importance of Finishing

Finishing is one of the most important areas in the engineering sector. Components that have been carefully machined to the highest standards and tightest specifications can still be scrapped if the finishing is not up to standard. It’s one of the reasons that PRV Engineering prefer to do as much manufacturing as possible in-house. The new plating facility, specialising in tin and silver plating, is another sure step in this direction. Continue reading

Why Are Copper BusBars Plated?

Even though copper is the most popular choice for use in busbars, and used very often in other electrical applications because it is more resistant to rust and corrosion than other metals, this doesn’t mean that it won’t oxidize over time.

When metals oxidize, the resistance in the conductive metal will increase, requiring more power to be used to carry current along the surface. When the copper oxidizes beyond a certain point, the metal can begin to flake and fall apart. Continue reading