Advantages of Steel Framed Building Construction

steel framed building construction siteAdvances in building construction have introduced many new and improved options including the use of steel framed building construction. These steel structures are formed through steel framework fabrication. The advantages of steel as a structural design material are well documented. Advantages include the strength-weight ratio that allows steel to bear great weights and ductility, which is the ability to withstand stress for a long period of time and bend without breaking.

Why go for steel framework?
All these same advantages are found in steel frameworks, however the use of steel frames in general has many advantages. Continue reading

PRV – a one stop shop for steel framework fabrication and concreting

image of steel framework fabricationAs part of a £1 million plus investment programme, PRV Engineering now offers a new steel framework fabrication and concreting service. Designed as an extension to the services the company already provides  for the construction industry, and for businesses that are very cost conscious, PRV’s new facility is the ideal solution.

A NEW Steel Framework Fabrication Service Continue reading

New Steel Framework Fabrication and Concreting Service from PRV Engineering

Steel framework imageThe new steel framework fabrication and concreting service is yet another example of how PRV’s CEO Simon Jones won’t give the grass any chance to grow beneath the company’s feet. Following hot on the heels of recent new investments in the latest state of the art CNC machinery costing in excess of £1 million, this new venture demonstrates Simon’s passion and resolve for continuous expansion and diversification.

If you want Something Doing Right …

PRV have recently had their factory extended. But rather than waiting for someone else to provide the new steelwork frame and concreting, they took the bull by the horns and did it themselves. Drawings and specifications were provided by fully qualified architects, and PRV poured the concrete, and manufactured and erected the steelwork, all to specification. “It gives you more control over the process, including the timing”, said Simon, “and you know what they say? – If you want something doing right – do it yourself”! Continue reading

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