How Do Busbars Work And What Are They Used For?


Busbars (also referred to as bus bar) are fascinating feats of engineering making complex power distribution simpler, more affordable and flexible. The main purpose of busbars is to conduct a substantial current of electricity and are typically housed inside switchgear, panel boards or busways.

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Research into rail switches at the IRR

rail switchesRail switches or ’points’ are used in the rail industry to guide trains to their correct route. They work by using a tapered set of rails (points) lying between the outer rails that can be moved to direct the train travelling across them.

They make up less than 1% of the entire length of railway routes in the UK, yet they account for 20% of the expenditure on track maintenance. With a working life of approximately 3 years, frequent maintenance and replacement of rail switches is needed to avoid disruptions in services. Continue reading

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