How Do Nuclear Power Plants Work?

nuclear power plants

Nuclear reactors form the basis of nuclear power plants and even with all the controversy, they are undoubtedly an amazing technological achievement. These nuclear reactors contain and control chain reactions that produce heat through a physical process called fission. It harnesses the power of atoms to boil water, producing steam which turns a turbine that generates electricity.

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Expanding into the Nuclear sector

CNC machineIs your business looking to expand into the Nuclear sector as a potential market opportunity? If so, help is on hand.

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) has joined forces with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) to help more than 300 small manufacturers.

The said SMEs will be encouraged to seize the opportunities of the UK’s rapidly developing £60 billion civil nuclear new build sector and £1.5 billion a year decommissioning programme.

The business improvement programme – Fit for Nuclear (F4N) – has been funded by a number of top tier partners including Areva and EDF Energy.

It will measure individual business operations’ against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry – in new build, operations and decommissioning. Continue reading

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