Metal Fabrication and its Importance

example of metal fabricationMetal Fabrication and its Importance in our Lives

The word “fabrication” means to make something from raw material. In the case of metal fabrication, that raw material is, unsurprisingly, metal. The material used in metal fabrication will however have already been processed from its true raw state into a usable raw material format such as metal sheet, rod, or bar.

Fabrication differs from assembling. Rather than using a processed raw material, the assembly process uses parts or components specifically made for the purpose. Assembly is however an operation that is included in the art of fabrication. Continue reading

UK Scrap Metal Dealing is Scheduled for Radical Change

Gearbox_&_Body_Actuator_No5UK Scrap Metal Dealing is Scheduled for Radical Change

UK scrap metal dealing is supposedly worth about £5 billion per annum. However in actual fact this figure is hugely understated because of the amount of thieving and skulduggery that takes place within its auspices. But that is now all set to change, which is good news both for the economy, the industry itself, and the companies from whom the scrap metal is gathered.

UK Scrap Metal Dealing Cash Sales made Illegal
Up until recently it was permissible under law to sell scrap metal for cash. However as from the 3rd of December 2012, making cash payments has become illegal. In approximate figures, it is said that cash sales were responsible for some £1 billion worth of transactions. Continue reading

Metal Fabrication Services: Types of Conveyor Systems

Metal fabrication services play a major role in the manufacturing industries sector especially when it comes to producing material handling equipment. Material handling forms one of the most important aspects of manufacturing industries and is used in a number of sectors from steel and mining industries to cement and construction industries.  To manufacture this kind of equipment metal fabrication services are used resulting in the production of various types of material handling equipment such as positioning equipment, and loading equipment. Among the various material handling equipment used today in industries, conveyor systems are perhaps the most important. In this article we will take a look at some of the most important types of sorting conveyor systems being produced by metal fabrication services. Continue reading

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