TPP & TTIP | What Do They Mean For Manufacturing?

Untitled design (7)There’s been a lot of talk in the Media about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) this week as it’s finally been agreed upon between states after a 12 year negotiation. Though the TPP does not directly affect the UK there is a similar agreement in negotiation called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which is between the US and various EU countries. These agreements are meant to encourage Free Trade and are being sold as ‘good for everyone.’ It’s very obvious that this is almost never the case in the world of business. Continue reading

Subcon 2014 hopes to break records

Subcon 2014 LogoThe organisers of Subcon 2014 are hoping for another bumper year. Last year, Subcon 2013 experienced a 64 per cent increase in the number of visitors through the door. More than 4000 people turned up and it’s hoped that even more will flock to the NEC, Birmingham, for Subcon 2014.

What’s at Subcon 2014

The UK’s only show of its kind, Subcon 2014 will once more run alongside the new Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Conference. The show is aimed at showcasing the latest technology and the finest manufacturing services in the world dedicated to contract and subcontract manufacturing. Continue reading

ULEVs on the right road

picture of cars in a  rowIn January of last year the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg led the formal unveiling of a £2.5m campaign encouraging UK motorists to adopt Ultra Low Emission Vehicles – or ULEVs, for short. The Government’s aim is for these environmentally friendly vehicles to account for every new vehicle on the road by 2040. The campaign was labelled ‘Go Ultra Low’ with BMW, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Vauxhall all acting as joint partners.

Continue reading

PRV Engineering at the MACH Exhibition

MACH Exhibition LogoThe world of engineering is constantly on the move with advances in the manufacturing industry amongst the most innovative in the business world. If you want to see the latest developments to come from the manufacturing technologies’ sector, under one roof, the MACH Exhibition is the place to be.

Staged over five days, between April 7-11, at the NEC in Birmingham, MACH is the outstanding showcase for advances in the industry brought to you by the Manufacturing Technologies’ Association (MTA).

Who are the MTA? Read about the organisers here  Continue reading

Britain’s engineering industry lacks women

image of female engineering studentBritish industry still suffers from a lack of engineers. Such is the concern  that business secretary Vince Cable believes the shortage provides a serious threat to recovery. In particular, Cable highlighted the lack of women currently working or actively seeking employment in the British engineering industry.

Only 8% of British engineers are women, which is the lowest proportion in Europe. Compare that with Germany (15%), Sweden (25%) and top-performing Latvia (30%) and it’s easy to see why there is such deep-seated concern.

Research suggests the problem starts long before young people choose a career with many youngsters ditching maths and science as soon as they can. It’s a trend especially marked for girls.

A recent article in the Sheffield Star highlighted the concern. The newspaper reported that only 14 per cent of students at the new University Technical College, are girls. At the newly opened training centre at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, just four of the 160 engineering apprentices are female. Continue reading

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