Does automation reduce the need for engineering knowledge?

engineering drawingsThe automation of any manufacturing process always raises questions about whether we will lose the engineering knowledge associated with the tasks. But all indications are that automation will need to increase in manufacturing in the UK if we are to keep up with the rest of Europe.

We’ve seen 3D printing grow hugely in the last few years. To start with it was only simple 3D models that were printed. Now we are using 3D printers to produce aircraft parts, prosthetic limbs and there are even food printers now. There are also ongoing developments into printing using metals and other materials. Last week saw the designs for a socket set being emailed to the space station where it was then printed out and is currently in use. Continue reading

PRV Engineering – a one stop shop

PRV Engineering premises external imageIt goes without saying. If you want engineering done, you need to get it done properly.

From start to finish it’s precisely what PRV Engineering seeks to achieve at its headquarters in Pontypool, South Wales.

“We call it a one stop shop,” said PRV Engineering CEO Simon Jones.

“Our approach, enables us to provide a complex and diverse range of products and services to our customers. In turn, they can satisfy their requirements from a single source.”

“We not only provide superior workmanship, at a price our engineering competitors can’t match, but we also offer personal attention from start to finish of your project.”

What do PRV Engineering do?

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What does the word engineering mean?

engineering word cloudWhat does the word engineering mean and what does an engineer do?

If you ask most youngsters these days, they will almost certainly paint the picture of a brown collar worker with dirty hands and overalls. The same goes for many adults too. Therein lies the problem for most engineering company managers who find it increasingly frustrating when it comes to recruitment.

As PRV Engineering managing director Simon Jones said recently; “The problem is this. Kids don’t do metalwork and woodwork in school because of health and safety issues. As a result, they not only don’t know anything about our industry, but they don’t have any desire to pursue a career in engineering. That is why we find it so difficult when it comes to recruitment.” Continue reading

Real Engineering in Desperate Need of more Women

Engineering machineryReal Engineering in Desperate Need of more Women

Real engineering has come under the spotlight following a recent comment made by one of the UK’s top, living inventors, James Dyson. What Mr. Dyson was referring to in an interview with the Radio Times, is today’s penchant for internet based crazes and video gaming in particular, rather than in conventional engineering. Perhaps he does have a point, but of course we mustn’t overlook the fact too, that web technology is also one of the UK’s strongest niche markets. In fact last year the video gaming industry contributed over £1 billion to the UK’s economy.

The fact of the matter is that the boys and girls of today grow up with computers and computer gaming. It’s therefore quite natural that so many become young men and women with their eyes firmly set on making a career out of their hobby. Continue reading

Signs of Economic Growth? Look to Pontypool South Wales

Throughout Great Britain, and actually around the world, governments –both national and localised- have been seeking out signs of economic recovery and growth. Investors and legislators have been carefully watching all economic reports and indicators, interpreting data and attempting to provide assistance to companies and industries that show signs of strength. Thanks to PRV Engineering in New Inn, there are signs that manufacturing and engineering in the country are beginning to expand.

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