Electric Motorcycle Meets Mountain Bike: LMX 161-H Revealed

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Img source: http://www.lmxbikes.com

Last week we covered electric hoverbikes in Dubai and today we’re continuing along that path but with a slight twist. What do you get when you cross a motorcycle with new technology and a mountain bike? The answer is simple – a hybrid electric motorcycle called the LMX 161-H. It resembles downhill bicycles and is described as a super-light electric motorcycle weighing in at just 42kg. Early reports suggest it’s ideal for off-road, freeride and enduro use but just as suitable for urban travel.

Two young French engineers and avid riders, Adam Mercier and Lucas Suteau, are responsible for this concept as they see a future for electric motorsport. Their vision turned prototype and the project has quickly become a crowdfunding campaign. Their aim is to get the worlds lightest freeride electric motorcycle to hit the streets all over the world. If all goes according to plan, the first deliveries will go out in May 2018. Continue reading

The future of UK manufacturing

word cloud based on UK manufacturing wordsThere has been much made of the future of UK manufacturing and engineering. Reports show that the UK is holding it’s own and that the future of manufacturing in the UK is good. The flip side of this good news, however, is the major concern over our engineers of the future. The UK still has a skills gap and when it comes to engineering we still have an annual shortfall of 55,000 people. The 2015 EngineeringUK report claims this shortage of skills is costing the UK £27bn a year. Continue reading

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