HS2 gets Royal Assent

rail speed conceptWhilst things have been ticking along in the background for HS2, there haven’t been too many headlines recently – until now. After 3 years of work, the HS2 project received Royal Assent on February 23rd.

What exactly does this mean for HS2? Put simply, it means that work can start. Construction schedules can be drawn up, suppliers can begin to prepare their bid documents and also gear up their own supply chain requirements in preparation.
The project will not be without problems though. At every step of the way to date there have been objections to overcome. Issues around compulsory purchase of property, the environment and potential job losses in some areas have been, and will continue to be contentious issues. Those objections are counter balanced by the many that believe improved connections between the major cities will bring increased investment, business and jobs. Continue reading

HS2 grants available

blurreed railtracks indicating speedFrom the moment HS2 was born, the high speed rail project has rarely been out of the headlines. Plans, proposals and the overall effect it will have on the transport industry has dominated the business news. In many circles, the innovative idea to speed up rail links has been met with genuine approval.

There has been plenty of opposition too. Many a local community has voiced it’s concern over the effect it will have on them. I suppose it goes without saying that radical change will divide opinion!

However, if the high profile project was yearning an autumnal lift, it came this week in the shape of plans to make available, government grants to communities and businesses.
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Moving forward with HS2

HS2 railway imagesBritain, like many other countries, is investing large sums of money in high speed rail (HS2). The aim is to create space on overcrowded networks and enable large numbers of people to move more efficiently.

It means a new line that doesn’t physically overlap or affect existing regional services, but one that takes long-distance travellers onto new high speed trains with fewer stops, thus completing their journeys in less time than ever before. Continue reading

HS2 Network – Could it Reduce Existing Services?

HS2 railway imagesPRV Engineering is one of the UK’s leading high precision engineering machining contractors and has a long association with the country’s railway network. Any news stories or topics involving the rail industry are, of course, of close interest.

Quicker trains, shorter journeys. It sounds ideal. Or does it? Plans to introduce 225mph trains to Birmingham from 2026 is in danger of resulting in drastic cuts elsewhere according to Virgin Trains.

Government plans for high speed rail means that high speed trains come off the new line north of Birmingham and use the existing track to continue their journey to north west England and Scotland.

However, the fear is every bit as genuine as the plans are ambitious. Virgin Trains believe the plan will not only worsen congestion on an already crowded line, but will lead to existing services in the area being withdrawn to create room for the new high speed trains in the HS2 network. Continue reading

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