HS2 Network – Could it Reduce Existing Services?

HS2 railway imagesPRV Engineering is one of the UK’s leading high precision engineering machining contractors and has a long association with the country’s railway network. Any news stories or topics involving the rail industry are, of course, of close interest.

Quicker trains, shorter journeys. It sounds ideal. Or does it? Plans to introduce 225mph trains to Birmingham from 2026 is in danger of resulting in drastic cuts elsewhere according to Virgin Trains.

Government plans for high speed rail means that high speed trains come off the new line north of Birmingham and use the existing track to continue their journey to north west England and Scotland.

However, the fear is every bit as genuine as the plans are ambitious. Virgin Trains believe the plan will not only worsen congestion on an already crowded line, but will lead to existing services in the area being withdrawn to create room for the new high speed trains in the HS2 network. Continue reading

Implications of HS2 on the Engineering Industry

No doubt you will have seen that the High Speed Two (HS2) rail system project has recently been given the go-ahead by the British government.

This new rail line is intended to revolutionise high-speed transport in Britain, reducing travel times between our major cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.  View a map of the rail system here.  Millions of journeys normally taken by road and air could be taken instead by high-speed rail, benefiting the environment as well as the British traveller.

New general secretary Steve Murphy said: “The development of high speed rail will provide a vital shot in the arm to the whole country especially regions which have suffered from under investment for decades.

“The project will create thousands of construction jobs initially while the line is being built and in the long term as these vital improvements in infrastructure will encourage future investment opportunities.”

In this post we’d like to begin exploring the implications of HS2 on the UK Engineering industry.  No doubt this will be a topic we continue to explore as the project develops.

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