PRV Engineering – silver plating and busbars

Silver plating is a practice that is done for a variety of reasons, on both individual and commercial levels. Companies will sometimes add silver to other metals simply to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the item. It is also often used as a way of increasing the conductivity of another metal, particularly in electronic devices.

New Plating Facility for Silver and Tin Plating

Here at PRV Engineering, we pride ourselves in the fact that all of the high precision capabilities we offer our clients take place and are controlled in-house. The new plating facility that we have invested in is another demonstration of our determination to maintain this policy, and in the process, to ensure the high quality of the finished products that we supply our clientele.
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Metalwork Fabrication at its Very Best from PRV Engineering

Metalwork Fabrication at its Very Best from PRV Engineering

 Metalwork Fabrication is a skilled, specialist operation, and not one that enough people first associate with PRV Engineering. Maybe that’s because our expertise in other engineering services such a deep hole drilling get more publicity. But here at PRV Engineering, we offer a complete metalwork engineering service that includes the very best in metalwork fabrication.

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Finishing with a Flourish – Protecting Our Reputation and Yours

Finishing with a flourish might sound a little flamboyant. But precision engineering isn’t exactly the sexiest of subjects, so please allow us at PRV Engineering a little leeway, and an opportunity to indulge ourselves!

Finishing any engineering job properly is just as important as any other operation along the production cycle. You’ll have gathered by now that we are talking about engineering finishing rather than simply closing down the job file and archiving it away. No, the sort of finishing that we allude to in this context is painting, both wet paint and electro powder coat.

PRV Engineering have come a long way since our lowly beginnings, when we first set up in 1986 manufacturing tamper proof Lids for the Metal Packaging Industry. We are now one of the leading suppliers of engineering services in Europe, and the journey has been long, and arduous, but ultimately rewarding. Continue reading

The Art of Industrial Spray Painting – Part Two

Industries in the manufacturing and heavy machinery sector rely on various specialised techniques for painting surfaces.  One of the preferred techniques used today is, of course, spray painting.

We wrote an earlier post on spray painting but today we’d like to talk in a bit more detail about the different types of spray painting techniques available.

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Shot Blasting Techniques: Things You Should Know

When it comes to finishing and cleaning operations, the shot blasting surface treatment technique is a highly effective option. The shot blast technique uses high velocity steel abrasives in a controlled manner (at speeds ranging between 65 and 110 metres per second). This high speed controlled blast creates an abrasive impact which removes surface contaminates, thereby making it an effective method for cleaning iron, steel, forgings, machine parts, fixtures etc. However, before you commission a shot blasting service, there are a few important things you must know about this technique.

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