6 Ways You Can Save On Fabrication Costs


As a manufacturer, you’re likely looking to save costs in several areas but none more so than fabrication. And this refers to everything from materials and labour to the shipping of fabricated components.

Everything boils down to identifying cost saving ideas that can really help improve your bottom line for optimal business growth. However, rushing into a decision and making big changes in a specific area may not be the right approach. Instead, implement several smaller methods to cut costs as it will ultimately lead to significant savings on your fabrication project.

While it is challenging to effectively reduce the cost of a fabrication project, it certainly is possible. The most important question here is, “How to minimise cost without sacrificing quality?” Continue reading

CAD System Development – A New Breed is on the Way

CAD System Development – A New Breed is on the Way

CAD system history was made when AutoCAD first hit the market back in 1982. It revolutionised the design and drawing industry. A complex drawing that would have taken a top draftsman many hours to piece together could suddenly be completed in a fraction of the time, and with far greater accuracy too. All design draftsmen in all industries now use CAD systems, including the designers at PRV Engineering, the phenomenally successful engineering high precision machining specialist based in Pontypool, South Wales.

Research teams at both the Open University and Leeds University, who are studying CAD system development, have been looking at the way designers read their drawings, with particular emphasis in the reader’s eye movements. It seems that by tracking these eye movements via a built-in camera, future CAD systems could then be designed to suggest shapes for the designer to incorporate within the drawing. Continue reading

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