Solar power – our endless fuel pump

Solar Power Panels

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In recent times there has been an even bigger drive for renewable energy than ever before. This has also given rise once again to the solar power car. It could be due to the global warming phenomena or maybe we finally realised that the sun is in fact our biggest energy source and it’s free. At least in theory it is but putting in place the technology to store sufficient amounts of energy is the challenging part. Continue reading

Audi to Launch All Electric SUV

Audi concept imageAudi’s all electric SUV is destined for production following its unveiling at the IAA 2015. The vehicle, which it is hoped will be in production in 2018 will have a range of 310 miles and is expected to be one of the stars at next month’s IAA in Frankfurt.

The Audi etron Quattro benefits from the expertise in developing the R8 etron and will be the brands first large series electric car. Continue reading

England To Test Charge As You Go Electric Cars

electric_cars_chargingWe’ve written before about the electric car market, its development and how the battery life in some models of car have improved. However, the biggest barrier to people buying electric cars is still the battery life. It doesn’t matter how green the vehicle is or how good the tax benefits, the bottom line question that people need an answer to is ‘How far can I travel on a charge?’ And for many electric cars, that’s not very far. They are great for running around the city where you’re not doing many miles, but for longer road journeys, the fear of running out of power is still a huge barrier to buying an electric car.

There are many research projects going on around electric cars. Some trying to improve and extend the life of a battery charge, others like Highways England feasibility study looking at charging on the go. The result of which is the first UK trial at a testing site that will allow cars to charge on the go. Continue reading

What’s the future for electric cars?

electric car chargingYears ago when we first started talking about electric cars, we all envisaged small bubble cars that could be plugged in at your front door. While we may not be able to plug in at the front door the engineering developments in electric cars have come a long way.

This year motor sport saw the introduction of the Formula E series which was watched by thousands and attracted the well recognised racing names of Prost, Senna, Andretti Piquet and Trulli.

Obviously you can’t compare it to F1; the sound, speeds and handling are very different but FE is only just beginning and who knows where it will be in 10 years? Continue reading

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