Deep Hole Drilling And Multi-Tasking Machining

deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling, often referred to as gun-drilling, is a highly-specialised machining operation that only a select few engineering companies can perform. This method is used when high-precision round bores are vital to the operation. It produces holes that can be controlled within very tight tolerances, giving much greater accuracy compared to conventional drilling methods.

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Subcon Show 2018: Join PRV Engineering At Stand E19

Subcon Show 2018

Subcon Show 2018 is mere weeks away and this year may be the biggest event yet. UK’s premier subcontract manufacturing supply chain show will run alongside The Engineering Expo, a free to attend 3-day educational program.

Thursday 5 June sees the 2018 Subcon show kick off at the Birmingham NEC displaying the best of British manufacturing. Network with top industry leaders and international suppliers looking to help UK manufacturers optimise their supply chain strategies. Continue reading

Deep Hole Drilling and Precision Engineering At PRV

deep hole drilling

Advances in engineering technology have given common CNC machining centers deep hole drilling (gun-drilling) ability up to a certain depth-diameter ratio. Deep hole drilling is a specialist machining operation that requires a specialised engineering company and PRV checks all the right boxes. Continue reading

PRV – a one stop shop for Deep hole drilling

Image of tube with platingDeep hole drilling is beneficial across several applications and requires specialist equipment to maintain the straightness and tolerances. Oil and gas exploration equipment, armaments, aerospace equipment and engines are amongst the common applications for deep hole drilling and machining processes, and in each of these industries hole qualities are necessary for high-performance end products, such as landing gear that easily retracts. It’s a given that production requires deep hole drilling that is reliable, but accurate and time-efficient. Continue reading

Multi-Tasking the Deep Hole Drilling Process

Deep_Hole_Drilling_No6Multi-tasking is the “in” phrase in engineering circles these days. It makes eminent sense. Why use a variety of machines to fabricate a component if you don’t have to? Every time you have to break a machine down and re-set it, it results in down time, and down time is unproductive time. The longer that any piece of kit remains idle, the less efficient any company’s production process will be.

The Advantages of Multi-tasking

In addition to the actual down time of the machine, there’s also the physical act of moving components around the shop floor to be considered. It’s not only labour intensive. You also run the risk of losing or miscounting items within a batch, or of course misplacing the batch altogether. With a multi-tasking machine, (where all of the various operations are done on the same piece of kit), there’s far less down time. The risk of losing or misplacing items is completely eliminated. Continue reading

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