Deep Hole Drilling Trials and Tribulations

deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling (DHD) is a stress measurement technique used in engineering materials and components to measure locked-in and applied stresses. The process measures residual stresses at a microscopic level with penetration of over 750 millimeters (30 in), without destroying the original component.

Advances in engineering technology have given common CNC machining centres gun drilling ability up to a certain depth-diameter ratio. Roundness and surface finish are among considerations. Common applications of deep hole drilling and machining processes include Continue reading

Deep Hole Drilling – The Stuff Dreams are Made of?

Deep Hole Drilling – The Stuff Dreams are Made of?

Deep hole drilling, (sometimes referred to as Gun-drilling), is a specialist machining operation that requires a specialist engineering company to carry it out. It is used when high precision round bores are crucial. The process produces holes that can be controlled within very tight tolerances. It gives far greater accuracy than conventional drilling methods ever will.

PRV-Engineering are one of the few skilled engineering service suppliers to offer a deep hole drilling facility here in the UK.  The service can be supplied as an integral part of an overall manufacturing project. It can also be offered as a sub-contracted service for clients who either do not have the in-house capability themselves, or who have, but do not have the capacity. Continue reading

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