3D Printing vs CNC Machining: Choosing The Right Technology

cnc machining

Throughout human history there has been, and still is, a number of methods used to manufacture custom parts. Today, modern manufacturing sees 3D printing and CNC machining as the most common ones. In fact, both utilise computer numerical control (CNC), which developed from traditional milling methods after the Second World War.

With the rapid growth of 3D printing technology, many would agree it has become the first choice for a host of industries. On the other hand, CNC machining is still considered a reliable standard and you will not find much nowadays without the involvement of CNC machining Continue reading

CAD System Development – A New Breed is on the Way

CAD System Development – A New Breed is on the Way

CAD system history was made when AutoCAD first hit the market back in 1982. It revolutionised the design and drawing industry. A complex drawing that would have taken a top draftsman many hours to piece together could suddenly be completed in a fraction of the time, and with far greater accuracy too. All design draftsmen in all industries now use CAD systems, including the designers at PRV Engineering, the phenomenally successful engineering high precision machining specialist based in Pontypool, South Wales.

Research teams at both the Open University and Leeds University, who are studying CAD system development, have been looking at the way designers read their drawings, with particular emphasis in the reader’s eye movements. It seems that by tracking these eye movements via a built-in camera, future CAD systems could then be designed to suggest shapes for the designer to incorporate within the drawing. Continue reading

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