Could This Be The Future eVTOL Air Taxi?

eVTOL air taxi
Image Credit: Jaunt Air Mobility

For some time, we’ve seen countless concepts of what an eVTOL air taxi may look like but this is not what you’d typically expect. Introducing Jaunt Air Mobility’s Reduced Rotor Operating Speed Aircraft, or ROSA for short.

This particular eVTOL air taxi seems to combine a helicopter and small aeroplane but it does seem to be the real deal. If you consider that safety and certification are the biggest obstacles the flying car market has to face, this eVTOL air taxi seems to be on the right track, or is it?

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Antonov AN-225: The World’s Largest Aircraft

world's largest aircraft
Image Source: Antonov Airlines

The aviation industry may be experiencing a lull in light of COVID-19 flight restrictions but that hasn’t stopped the world’s largest aircraft. Aviation enthusiasts now have something to be excited about as the Antonov AN-225 cargo plane took to the skies over Ukraine. Flightradar24 tracked the Antonov AN-225 flying from its hub at Antonov Airport in Kiev, Ukraine.

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NASA Reveals All Electric Plane Renderings

electric plane
Image Credit: NASA

Back in October 2019, NASA took delivery of its first electric plane, called the X-57 Maxwell X-Plane. Based on the four-seater Tecnam P2006T conventional light aircraft, when the X-57 electric plane is fully developed, it is expected to be 500% more efficient in high-speed cruising. Also, it will produce no in-flight carbon dioxide emissions while being much quieter than most conventional aircraft.

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Precision Engineering And The Aerospace Sector

precision engineering

The aerospace sector wouldn’t exist today without outsourced, precision engineering services and components. While the majority of land vehicles are designed, constructed and tested in-house, the same does not apply to most aircraft.

Considering the number and diversity of aeroplane, spacecraft, satellite and helicopter components, aerospace engineering relies heavily on production chains and outsourced projects. It’s a complex process as each part or component must be designed and built to fit in with the overall plan.

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New Aircraft Design To Cut Aviation Emissions

aviation news
Image Credit: Travel & Leisure

In a world dominated by air travel and global concerns around emissions, engineering innovation needs to be at the forefront. Airbus has done just that as they revealed a new aircraft design that could revolutionise the aviation industry.

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