Building of the new Aston Martin facility begins

aston martin DBX conceptEarlier this year we reported on the great news that Aston Martin had decided that St Athan in Glamorgan was to be the site for their new facility in South Wales. There were more than 20 sites worldwide under consideration but a host of positive factors meant that St Athan was the ideal choice. This week the sale of the land was finalised and the official green light on the development given.

Work has already begun on the first phase of the development which includes building reception areas, offices and a staff restaurant. Phase 2 which includes access to the super hangars that will house the manufacturing arm of the site is planned for April 2017. Local welsh firm TRJ Contracting has been awarded the contract for the works. Continue reading

Sports car production is coming to South Wales

sports car production coming to walesFollowing on from last week’s exciting news about the partnership between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, we are sticking to the theme of motorsport with the news that sports car production is coming to South Wales.

Both TVR and Aston Martin have announced facilities for South Wales.

After much speculation Aston Martin announced that they will open a new factory at St Athan where they will build the new DBX crossover model. It is expected that the factory will be producing cars in 2020. The factory will create more than 750 jobs; even more when the wider supply chain and local business is considered. Continue reading

What next for the auto industry?

auto industry care wireframeThe auto industry has come a long way since the introduction of the first car.

Electric and hybrid cars were once thought to be futuristic (along with flying cars). Now electric cars are on every forecourt of major showrooms across the country. Increasing numbers of super fast chargers are being put in place which means that electric and hybrid cars are able to travel much further than when first introduced. In many areas it now only takes 30 minutes to recharge a battery – just enough time to stretch your legs and get a cup of coffee, but a big enough charge to take you another 100 – 300 miles (depending on the model and make of your car). Continue reading

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