Hypersonic Travel Closer Than Ever

Hypersonic travel

Image Source: The University of Manchester

Hypersonic travel is described as flight through the atmosphere below 90 km at a speed above Mach 5 (5 times the speed of sound). That means traveling from London to New York could only take about 2 hours. The concept has been around for a long time but applying the theory to practice is a different story.

It’s not an impossible task but the problem has always been how to handle the extreme heat at high speeds. Now, thanks to advanced aerospace engineering, a special ceramic has been developed making hypersonic air travel a real possibility. Continue reading

Hybrid Aircraft – Passenger Planes of the future?

Image of aircraftThe constant mission to reduce pollution and produce more fuel efficient vehicles led to major research and development in the auto industry. Now all major car manufacturers have a hybrid vehicle in their suite of offerings.

With air traffic forecast to continue to increase there are demands for additional runways and extra services. This, of course causes conflict. Flight companies want to meet the needs of the consumers, but plans for increasing runways and flight services are meeting opposition due to the anticipated increase in noise and pollution.

Could there be a solution? Can we ever have quieter runways and less pollution? Siemens and Airbus think we can! Continue reading

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