3D Printing Houses For Mars Colony

3d printing mars

We see the benefits of 3D printing all the time from manufacturing, medical, the fashion industry to prototyping and production. With construction in mind and large-scale 3d printers, it is now possible to think about bigger projects. There’s no doubt that that additive manufacturing is an ideal building solution for creating models in architecture.

With that in mind, 3D printing has made headlines once again. This time though, it’s not a 3D printed house in your neighbourhood unless you live on Mars. We take a closer look at how the 3D printed habitat challenge from NASA and their partners have developed. If you are remotely interested in aerospace design, engineering and space exploration, you should really watch these videos. Continue reading

NASA’s Supersonic Jet Without The Boom

supersonic jet

Img credit: NASA.gov

Aviation and aerospace technology has been at the forefront since the Concorde but now, there’s this. A supersonic jet that could travel at 1513 km/h (940 mph) considerably shortening commercial flight times. NASA has signed a deal with Lockheed Martin to develop a supersonic “X-plane” that could break the sound barrier but with one major difference – no sonic boom. Continue reading

Celebrating the UK Aerospace Industry Sector

Image of aircraftIn the current economic climate, when all the news we see is about job losses, decline and closures it’s easy to forget that the UK has some great success stories.

Take the UK aerospace sector. A recent article in the Engineer by Jon Excell and Stuart Nathan highlights the fact that the UK has the world’s second largest aerospace sector, yet no-one really seems to recognise it.

The UK aerospace sector has bucked the trend of the economic downturn and continues to grow. UK firms design and manufacture some of the most talked about feats of engineering and the UK aerospace industry is recognised internationally as being one of the best in the world. Continue reading

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