Finishing in manufacturing is as important as starting

manufacturing engine partsWhen it comes to manufacturing parts or components the way each one is finished reflects the quality of workmanship. If you don’t finish a job properly, then it doesn’t matter how careful you’ve been with the initial production, cutting or moulding, the end product is not going to look good. And the way the end product looks will always have an impact on saleability.

There could, of course, also be an impact on your costs. If your customer is unhappy with the finish of an order, you may have to start all over again, meaning more waste and increased costs. And there’s the health and safety aspect of poor finishing. Rough or sharp edges won’t be acceptable to your customer and may also cause injuries to those working with them. Continue reading

Powder coating provides the perfect finish

Image of powder coatingPowder coating is the process of coating a surface in which a powder material is applied using an electrostatic or compressed air method. It is also one of the most advanced techniques for applying a protective and decorative finish to almost any type of metal.

The process of powder coating basically involves spraying an electrostatically charged powder on the surface that needs to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the surface, forming a smooth, durable and uniform coating, with a high quality finish.

Many businesses, industries and consumers around the world speak highly of the process which provides one of the most long-lasting, colour durable, economical and high quality finishes. No matter which colour or texture you are looking for, powder coating can provide the right solution. Continue reading

Finishing with a Flourish – Protecting Our Reputation and Yours

Finishing with a flourish might sound a little flamboyant. But precision engineering isn’t exactly the sexiest of subjects, so please allow us at PRV Engineering a little leeway, and an opportunity to indulge ourselves!

Finishing any engineering job properly is just as important as any other operation along the production cycle. You’ll have gathered by now that we are talking about engineering finishing rather than simply closing down the job file and archiving it away. No, the sort of finishing that we allude to in this context is painting, both wet paint and electro powder coat.

PRV Engineering have come a long way since our lowly beginnings, when we first set up in 1986 manufacturing tamper proof Lids for the Metal Packaging Industry. We are now one of the leading suppliers of engineering services in Europe, and the journey has been long, and arduous, but ultimately rewarding. Continue reading

The Challenge of Manufacturing Components that Will Last in Harsh Environments

Manufacturing products for what is considered ‘normal,’ or everyday environments has become so commonplace that it can be all too easy to forget that there needs to be a number of considerations for manufacturing products that will be subjected to ‘harsh’ environments.

The specifications and the approach to manufacturing under these harsh conditions must be different. The components that are used, the metals, and other considerations are very often different when working on products that will be used in these harsher, more challenging environments. Continue reading

Powder Coating vs. Other Techniques – A Comparison

We discussed powder coating in a previous post– the types, benefits and options available for those interested in utilising it.  However we’ve discovered a shift in companies more and more seeking out our powder coating services so we decided to delve a bit further into why powder coating can be preferable to other types of finishing techniques.

Continue reading