Cost-Saving Tips For Manufacturing Companies

manufacturing companies

As with any business, manufacturing companies also look for ways to cut costs for a better bottom line and to grow their business. The secret to success for most manufacturing companies is to do so without compromising on quality or product safety.

Boosting profits is one thing but manufacturers need to keep quality in mind at all times. They must ensure the highest possible standard when trying to cut costs. In this article, we take a look at some proven ways your business can limit spending while still offering quality products and services.

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How Do Busbars Work And What Are They Used For?


Busbars (also referred to as bus bar) are fascinating feats of engineering making complex power distribution simpler, more affordable and flexible. The main purpose of busbars is to conduct a substantial current of electricity and are typically housed inside switchgear, panel boards or busways.

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7 Ways To Restart UK Manufacturing

UK manufacturing

An overwhelming number of manufacturers have come together during the pandemic to address the shortage of medical masks, ventilators and other essential supplies. Now that the lockdown restrictions have been eased even further, how do we get UK manufacturing back on track?

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PRV Engineering: Leading Provider Of Specialist Services

PRV Engineering

PRV Engineering has been operating since 1986 and has come a long way since manufacturing pressings for the food packaging industry. Over time, they have become a true one-stop-shop providing the highest quality precision engineering and custom fabrication services. Today, PRV provides a complex and diverse range of products and services across various sectors. This includes aerospace, defence, rail, oil and gas, mining and construction among many others.

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How UK Businesses Are Fighting COVID-19


COVID-19 is continuing to wreak havoc across the globe with a shortage of healthcare products, in particular, a primary concern. Nothing is more pressing though than the current PPE shortage for frontline workers and ventilators to help coronavirus patients. We look at how some companies have diversified in a time of crisis as we continue to battle COVID-19.

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