Shot Blasting and Surface Preparation

What is Shot BlastingWhat is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting can be described as a method used to clean, strengthen or polish metal surfaces getting it ready for the application of overlays or coatings. Industries using this method include automotive, aerospace, construction, rail and ship building among others. It removes rust or old layers of paint which is important when preparing surfaces for further processing like paint application, powder coating and welding work. Continue reading

Benefits of Structural Steel Framed Construction

structural steel framed buildingThink of structural steel framed buildings and the sort of things that come to mind are probably, office sky scraper buildings or big warehouses and agricultural buildings. The sorts of thing you see in big cities or on the outskirts when new out of town shopping malls go up. But steel framed structures are commonly used across a whole range of construction projects; garages, residential housing and short term temporary structures all make good use of steel frame construction methods because they are durable, flexible, cost effective and sustainable. Continue reading

Denmark to build world’s longest immersed tunnel

Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link immersed tunnelDenmark has engaged in many challenging infrastructure projects in an effort to improve transport links. Over the years Denmark has built many record breaking bridges and tunnels earning it the reputation of a global centre of structural engineering excellence. And they are about to take on their biggest project yet.

Known as the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link , an 18km long sub sea tunnel to link the German island of Fehmarn to the Danish island of Lolland has been approved. It is thought the construction of the tunnel will have a huge impact on transport in the region and will replace about 2 million annual ferry journeys. It is also believed it will cut rail journey time between Copenhagen and Denmark by 25%.

The project has been approved in Denmark but is currently awaiting approval from the German government. Continue reading

Building is the future for PRV Engineering

image of steel framework fabricationHaving invested more than £1million into the company last year, PRV Engineering Ltd  reported a record turnover in 2013. Twelve months on from the installation of the company’s new plating facility, managing director Simon Jones is confident that 2014 will see a repeat performance.

With the company focussed on the construction industry, PRV Engineering is seeking to not only maintain its high standards, but to add a number of new contracts to the order book.

Simon said; “We had our best ever year in 2013, turning over around £4.1million. The plan for this year is very much the same. We want to keep developing and providing the ‘One stop shop’ service on which we pride ourselves. Continue reading

PRV – a one stop shop for steel framework fabrication and concreting

image of steel framework fabricationAs part of a £1 million plus investment programme, PRV Engineering now offers a new steel framework fabrication and concreting service. Designed as an extension to the services the company already provides  for the construction industry, and for businesses that are very cost conscious, PRV’s new facility is the ideal solution.

A NEW Steel Framework Fabrication Service Continue reading

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